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Fridays for Future in Heidelberg

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Symposium “Brain-body interface” in Ulm

The speakers and organizers of the symposium “Brain-body interface: hypothalamic control of innate behaviors and homeostasis” in Ulm (October 2nd 2019). From left to right:

Jan Siemens, Gretel Kamm, Tatiana Korotkova, Ana Domingos, Steven Brown, Denis Burdakov, Scott Sternson.

AG Siemens goes to Researcher’s night

The Heidelberger Researcher’s night, that happened in the evening of 27th September 2019, was the time when scientists shared their work with society. And our lab was also glad to explain to our visitors how we feel the ambient temperature around us, and how the brain regulates the body temperature. The public also had the chance to participate in a brief experiment, in which an infrared picture was taken after a cold or hot challenge. For example, after putting the hands into an ice bucket or after drinking a cup of tea. The infrared image, then, demonstrated how the external body temperature quickly changed after the colder or hotter experiment. Curious and enthusiastic participants were happy to engage in our activities, showing that learning more about science can be a lot of fun!

Farewell after 42 years at the Heidelberg University Hospital

Jan leaves Christina after 42 working years at the Heidelberg University Hospital as a technical assistant and wishes her all the best for the future.

Pain-signaling construction grant

The pain-signaling construction grant ‚Sonderforschungsbereich‘, with Prof. Rohini Kuner as its speaker, has been approved for further funding as of July 2019. Sebastian Marty’s project entitled Activity-regulated gene programs leading to short-term and long-term metabolic plasticity in the spinal cord: role in acute and pathological forms of pain is part of this consortiums grant.

July 2019

HFSP Fellowship for Wojciech

We congratulate Wojciech on his HFSP fellowship (Human Frontier Science Program), starting in August.

Juni 2019

Welcome to Lisa and Sebastian

Sebastian Marty –  Scientist

Lisa Vierbaum, Technichal Assistant









Mai 2019

Sara, congratulations to the EMBO fellow ship !
Januar 2019

Welcome Sara!

Dr. Sara Nencini – Postdoctoral Fellow


Sara is a new postdoctoral fellow in the lab. Welcome Sara!








October 2018

Lab outing to the Heidelberg ‚Thingstätte‘

After an exhausting hike (at 36 degrees) to the Heidelberg ‚Thingstätte‘ we spent a very pleasant afternoon with a diverse picnic and different games as french boole and viking chess.

August 2018