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Temperature Detection and Thermoregulation


Jan’s trip to the US West Coast

Jan very much enjoyed his visit to the US West Coast – clockwise starting from bottom left: Enjoying games and little perks with Domenico Tupone and Kazuhiro Nakamura at the American Physiology Summit (APS) in Long Beach. Dinner with all the speakers of our APS symposium on the “central control of thermoregulation”, including also Stephanie Correa and several aspiring early-career scientists. Visiting Zachary Knight’s lab at UCSF and going out in San Francisco together with Diana Bautista and Jennifer Garrison. Visiting Jan’s Postdoc Mentor David Julius and the “good soul” of his lab, Jeannie Poblete, at UCSF.

Publication in Nature Metabolism

We are delighted to share the exciting news that our research paper exploring the metabolic interaction between spinal neurons and astrocytes in the context of inflammatory pain has been published in Nature Metabolism! Our study sheds light on a previously unappreciated mechanism of astrocyte–neuron metabolic communication through glycogen breakdown in the spinal cord that fuels spinal neuron hyperexcitability. Sebastián Marty Lombardi was the main driving force behind this achievement, and most credit goes to him! 👏🌟


Christmas in the Heidelberg Barrel

The Heidelberg Christmas market is a real magnet for visitors – and rightly so! All over the old town, the air is filled with the enticing aroma of gingerbread, while rows of mulled wine stands beckon passersby. Among the market’s highlights is the remarkable „Heidelberg Barrel,“ a colossal wooden structure standing 11 meters tall and weighing 22 tonnes, dominating the market square. Our team recently had a wonderful time embracing the holiday spirit inside the barrel, enjoying the unique Christmas vibes and participating in a fun game of Secret Santa.

Dasha and Seba’s farewell party

It’s hard to say goodbye, but looking at the bright side – new adventures are always awaiting around the corner 😉. At the farewell party for our skillful lab assistant Dasha and our talented researcher Seba, lots of laughs, memories, and a few tears were shared as we celebrated their time with us. While they embark on new journeys, their supportive attitude, uplifting spirit, and passion for science will be deeply missed, yet their contributions to our research field are highly acknowledged. Sending warm wishes for success to Dasha and Seba!

Farewell party for Ulrike

In July, our team came together to organize a farewell party for our beloved administrative assistant, Ulrike, who has dedicated a remarkable 10 years to the institute. And guess what? It was her birthday too! Amidst cheers and birthday songs, our colleagues shared heartwarming memories and expressed their gratitude for Ulrike’s hard work, dedication, and always-positive energy that she has brought into the lab over the years. We wish all the best to Ulrike in her future endeavors, and she’ll always hold a special place in our lab family’s heart ❤️.

Summer festival

Sun, food and music 🎶 What else do you need? Right! Every year, the Heidelberg University Hospital hosts an incredible summer festival for its staff. And we were there, as always, to enjoy the sunshine, delicious food, refreshing drinks, some live music and overall a fabulous atmosphere. Too bad the night ends at midnight. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Sommerfest 😃.

Food, games and a baby shower

There’s a baby on the way 🎉👶💕! Our lovely lab technician Amandine is expecting and we found the best way to celebrate it. We put together a surprise buffet for our dear colleague’s baby shower. With the sun shining and the weather sizzling outside, the temperature inside the room was truly heartwarming. After the initial congratulations, we all sat down together to enjoy the afternoon with delicious fingerfood and funny baby-related games. A big shoutout to the incredible team for coming up with an unforgettable celebration👏.


Christmas trip to Strasbourg

With snow falling and wintry temperatures, we hopped on a train to Strasbourg’s legendary Christmas market. Stepping off the train, we were greeted by a pristine snow blanket, setting the stage for an enchanting adventure. The Strasbourg Christmas market is the oldest in France (first mentioned in 1570). There are now 300 market stalls at 12 different locations. Everything the Christmas heart desires can be found here! Drawing crowds from all corners of the globe, this world-famous market turned the city into a magical Christmas haven for a whole month.

Congratulations on Zuza’s successful defense on October 10th!

Retreat: Exploring Energy Metabolism

On September 29th and 30th, Siemens Lab participated in a retreat on Energy Metabolism and Body Temperature Control in Health and Disease, collaborating with AG Fenselau (MPI Köln). During the event, both teams engaged in extensive scientific discussions over the course of two days.

At the ‚House of Astronomy‘ on the Königsstuhl of Heidelberg

Caro’s defense on April 26th was a resounding success! Congratulations!

Solidarity with Ukraine 🇺🇦

We are delighted to welcome Dasha, a talented bachelor student of biology from Kiev, to our lab. Despite the distance, we’re committed to supporting Dasha’s educational journey by facilitating her studies online, allowing her to pursue her academic goals while contributing to our research endeavors.


Trip to Europa-Park

In October, our lab visited Europa-Park, a thrilling theme park in the south of Germany. We enjoyed an action-packed day riding roller coasters like „Silver Star“ and exploring themed areas like „The Minimoys Kingdom.“ It was a fantastic opportunity for team bonding and creating lasting memories together. Can’t wait for our next adventure! 🎢🌟


Pandemic Edition: Thinking Inside the Box

Who said science is boring? 🤔 Certainly not us! 😄 Amidst the pandemic, our lab decided to inject some hilarity into our research routine by having a photo session with a giant box. Who knew a simple box could bring so much laughter and fun? Here’s to breaking stereotypes and finding joy in the little things, even if it means squeezing into a box during a pandemic. 📦😂


Fridays for Future

Standing in solidarity with the global movement for climate action, we participated in Fridays for Future in Heidelberg. 🌍🌳 With our motto „And yet it moves, and yet it’s warming up,“ we emphasized the dynamic nature of our planet’s climate and the pressing need for action. Together, we believe in the power of collective effort to drive positive environmental outcomes and create a better world for generations to come. #FridaysForFuture #ClimateAction #Heidelberg