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Temperature Detection and Thermoregulation

Christmas trip to Strasbourg

With snow falling and wintry temperatures, we went by train to the Christmas market in Strasbourg. There, a closed blanket of snow awaited us. The Strasbourg Christmas market is the oldest in France (first mentioned in 1570). There are now 300 market stalls at 12 different locations. Everything the Christmas heart desires can be found here. It is world famous and attracts thousands of visitors. A visit is worthwhile, because at Christmas the city turns into a Christmas paradise for four weeks.

Congratualtion to Zuza’s defense 10th of October

29.-30. September
Retreat Energy Metabolism and Body Temperature Control in Health and Disease
with AG Fenselau (MPI Köln)

In the ‚House of Astronomy‘ on the Königsstuhl of Heidelberg, both working groups had extensive scientific discussions over two days.

Congratulation to Caros thesis defense 26th of April !

Solidarity with Ukraine!
We welcome Daria from Kiev, bachelor student of biology. She is gaining her first practical experience in our lab and can complete her studies in Kiev online.

Fridays for future in Heidelberg